How It Works

Recover & Refuel helps ensure your athletes are properly nutritionally fueled for their upcoming match

It's all based on your next game and meal-time logic

Day Snack:

Less than 2 hours before warm up

Light Meal:

2 to 5 hours before warm up

Standard Meal:

5 or more hours before warm up

Night Snack:

8 PM to 10 PM

Chocolate Milk:

Within 30 minutes of the end of your game

Menu Options

View nutritional recommendations based on your game schedule, your Team's (player) readiness for the upcoming game, modify food preferences, alert and notification preferences, invite players from your roster which is pulled in directly from TeamSnap.


Once your next match is within 72 hours you'll receive nutritional recommendations based on sports nutrional research.
(Yes, even fig newtwons for a snack.)


You'll see all of your games in R & R pulled in directly from TeamSnap. Pick your next upcoming game and receive recommended nutritional items to help you properly fuel up before and after each game.

Swap it

Don't like a particular food item or allergic to it? Swap it! Is your favorite healthy food item missing? Add it!

Food Categories

Carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, fats, drinks, and vegetables.

Coach's Control

Coaches can control which items show up on the team's list of nutritional recommendations.

Player Food Preferences

Players can also control which items show up within their list of food recommendations.


The app is called "Sport nutrition alerts to help you recover and refuel" for a reason.

Team Readiness

Click the Team Readiness link to get a quick snapshot of each player's nutritional readiness for the next game.

Invite Your Players

As the coach your roster will automatically be pulled into R & R. Click the invite button next to the player's name and they will receive an email invitation to join R & R at no cost to them. And since they are already members of TeamSnap it's hassle free as well.